Chamber By-Laws

building - CopyOn March 1, 1924, the Greenville Chamber of Commerce was formed from the Greenville Development Association. The Chamber’s first officers included J.E. Wyckoff as President; John Christensen as Vice President; A.M. Packard as Secretary; and Peter Van Deinse as Treasurer.
In 1947, the Chamber filed articles of incorporation that stated the purposes of this corporation are as follows:                                     
To advance the commercial, industrial, agricultural and civic interests of the City of Greenville, and vicinity; to promote integrity and good faith; just and equitable principles in business; uniformity in commercial usage; and to acquire, preserve, and distribute industrial, commercial, agricultural and civic statistics and information of value; to discover and correct abuses; to prevent or adjust controversies; to have a part as representing our city in the consideration and decision of state and national abuses on a nonpartisan, nonsectional and nonsectarian basis.

Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce

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Contributing to a vibrant local economy by investing, advocating, promoting and educating in collaboration with our members and community partners